RICK TRC-20 DeFi token

Token Data :


       Token type: TRC-20

       Ticker: RICK           

       Contract Address: https://tronscan.org/#/token20/TDk5875Key1Yu2TxWy5W5EogUP86r7Jhxd  

       Total / Max Supply: 42.000.000 tokens

       Official Website:   https://www.infinitericks.space

       Wallet: any TRON wallet supporting TRC-20 tokens


RICK TRC-20 token is a TRON token, issued by Infinite Ricks Coin (PoS) team for the benefit of Infinite Ricks coin users and for the further enhance of the Infinite Ricks coin fame and mass adoption.

This TRC-20 feature allows to reach out vast userbase of TRON network, DeFi markets, different applications and strengthen Infinite Ricks coin community.


  • Store RICK TRC-20 token on any TRON wallet supporting TRC-2o tokens and participate in the token monthly airdrop.


  • Swap your Infinite Ricks PoS coins to the RICK TRC-20 token thus reducing Infinite Ricks coin circulating supply.


  • Take advantage of the low and limited RICK token supply and store your minted Infinite Ricks PoS coins value in the RICK token.

Swap is not mandatory. RICK PoS coin remains the full support of the team, while the TRC-20 token is the additional feature to the main Infinite Ricks project.


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Token distrubiton:

       Total Supply   42.000.000    -   100%

       Public distribution to users by swapping Inifinite Ricks Pos Coin to RICK TRC20 Defi and by monthly airdrops     29.400.000    -   70 % of all tokens
       Team and community growth fund    4.200.000    -   10 % of all tokens
       Fund for marketing, exchange listings, market liquidity support    8.200.000    -  20 % of all tokens

Token Airdrop:

         Monthly RICK TRC-20 token airdrop is avaliable for its holders untill the end of the token public distribution.    

         Each user who holds at least 2000 RICK TRC-20 tokens will receive monthly airdrop in RICK TRC-20 tokens based on the % of held amount of RICK tokens.
         Airdrop rate: ( in % of held amount of RICK tokens)

         December 2020 - 5 %
         January 2021 - 3 % 

        February 2021 - 3 % 

        March 2021 - 2 % 

        April 2021 - 2 % 

        May 2021 - 2 % 

        June 2021 - 5%

        July 2022 - 2,5 %
        For the next months airdrop rate will be calculated and made public on the 20th of the month.

       You can store your RICK TRC-20 tokes on any private TRON wallet supporting TRC-20 token where you have access to your private key.


       To participate in the airdrop you shall have at least 2000 RICK TRC-20 tokens.




        How to swap your Infinite Ricks PoS Coin to RICK TRC-20 Defi Token


        You'll need to fill out the Swap Form with your TRON address where you want to recieve RICK TRC-20 tokens. Shortly after that we will reach you out with an InfiniteRicks

        PoS coin address. Once we receive InfiniteRicks PoS coins from you, we will send RICK TRC-20 Defi tokens to your TRON address provided via the Swap Form.


        Swap rate:
        December 2020 - 2 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token  (2 : 1)
        January 2021 - 3 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token  (3 : 1)

        Febuary-March 2021 4 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token (4:1)

        April 2021 5 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token (5:1)

        May 2021 5 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token (5:1)

        June 2021 6 RICK PoS coins to 1 RICK TRC-20 token (6:1)
         and next months swap rate will be calculated and made public on the end of the month. !!!! If there is no Annoncement there is no drop at the moment !!


        50% of swapped Infinite Ricks Pos coins will be permanently taken out of the circulation, coinburn address will be published soon below.
        Minimum Swap amount is 100 000 Infinite Ricks PoS coins.

        Swap only goes one way from RICK Pos coin to RICK TRC-20 token, reverse swap from RICK TRc-20 token to RICK PoS coin is not avaliable. Both RICK PoS coin and RICK         TRC-20 token can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.




        We already have an active trading pair TRX/RICK  TRC-20 token on JustSwap DeFi exchange:  









        More DEX exchanges like  https://poloniex.org/  are following the next weeks.