Frequently Asked Questions

What computer do I need to be able to use the wallet?

Infinite Ricks wallet is not resource-intensive application, this allows using it on pretty much any home computer having internet connection.

How often do I need to backup my wallet?

You must backup your wallet each time you change the passphrase.
It is strongly recommended to make at least two backup copies on several removable media storage devices and keep them in a secure place.

Do I need to add nodes to the wallet?

What are the coin control features?

How can I mine RICKs?

How can I stake my RICKs?

How many RICKs do I need for minting new RICKs?

Nodes are hard-coded in the Infinite Ricks wallet, so there is no need to add the nodes manually.

Optionally you can add this config.file with nodes addresses to your Infinite Ricks wallet directory C:\Users\YourUserName \AppData\Roaming\InfiniteRicks

You might want to activate the coin control features in order to be able to choose certain inputs and addresses for sending coins or combining several staking inputs into a single one.
Go to the menu Settings  ->  Option  ->  Display, check the ‘Display addresses in the transaction list’ and the ‘Display coin control features’. Click OK.

Infinite Ricks is a pure proof-of-stake coin, which means proof-of-work mining is impossible and new coins can not be mined using hardware. However, RICKs can be minted/staked.

The process of staking/minting RICKs is about holding coins on the Infinite Ricks wallet. You will be ready to mint/stake new RICKs once you:
- set a RICK wallet (follow the wallet guide),
- initial RICK coins on the wallet,
- wait 12 hours for your coins to mature,
- unlock the wallet for staking.
That's all. Baby-RICK will show up soon.

There is no minimum stake requirement and an unlimited staking age which allows you to grow the staking weight of the input/stake, until it mints/stakes.
So any stake will be staked/minted one day. Please note that the more RICKs that you have on one input/stake, the higher your chance will be to be staked quickly.

Do I need to run my wallet 24/7 to mint RICK?

How do I know if my RICKs are mature?

Yes, you do need your wallet to be opened and synced with the Infinite Ricks network in order to mint/stake new RICKs.
However, if your RICKs aren't mature, you can close your wallet until coins become mature.

Where can I check my RICKs staking weight and the network weight?

RICK coin maturation takes 12 hours, it applies to each individual stake/input. Once your RICKS are over 12 hours of age, they are ready to mint/stake. You can hover over the Portal Gun at the bottom right to see if you have mature coins.

You can hover over the Portal Gun in the bottom right corner of the wallet GUI to see your staking weight, the network staking weight and approximate time to stake.

How often will I receive staking rewards?

What does it mean when it says ‘Generated but not accepted’ when staking/minting?

The fastest possible time that your RICKs can stake is every 12 hours. The more RICKs that you have on one input/stake, the higher your chance will be to be staked quickly.

When you have minted a new block, it was broadcasted to the Infinite Ricks network to be added to the chain. If another wallet generates a new block within a few seconds of yours, the network confirms one and ignores the other one.  In case your block fails to get into the chain, its status will change to ‘Generated but not accepted’ and it won't be spendable. These so-called ‘orphan‘ blocks are nothing to worry about, it does not impact your holdings or disrupt your coin age. Soon you will get a successful stake.